Truth Chats


I am an excellent listener. I have strong intuition and lots of spiritual insight.

I have the skills to help you get clear on what your higher self wants for you, encouraging you to wake up to your deepest truth. 

Truth Chats are shorter than full journey process. They work with whatever issue you are facing, allow you to empty out, connect with higher guidance and map a way forward to a new reality.


Before becoming a Journey practitioner, I worked as a volunteer Lifeline telephone counsellor. I also studied at the Australian College for Natural Medicine in Holistic Counselling.

This counselling experience combined with my journey work and life experience has enabled me to offer my spiritual counselling service – Truth Chats.

I have had beautiful experiences with Angels, spiritual guides and source itself and believe that together we can co-create a better future. 


$80 for a one hour session.

Visit me in Nambour or I can visit you – travel fees may apply.

Skype and telephone sessions also available. 

Contact me to discuss Truth Chats or to book a time.




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