When I was 19 I had an experience that changed my life.

It was an awakening experience that showed me that truth sat before God – source, the universe or whatever else you would like to call this omnipotent energy that we are all part of.

I was raised a Catholic and had the fear of God planted in my mind by an 80 year old Irish nun. By 19, I had rejected religion and was living in a spiritually dark place.

Following this experience I felt like the world I knew had fallen away, I was lost in a forest and it was my job to find my way back home.  My guiding light was the holy grail of truth.

I have learnt much:

  • that forgiveness is key to healing;
  • that each time I strip away a layer of ego, or follow a path aligned with truth I become freer in my being, more comfortable in my skin and happier with who I am;
  • that miracles and magic are part of this path;
  • there is always mystery;
  • that sitting underneath or in the core of even the strongest emotion is love, light and freedom;
  • that the more we know, the less we know : )
  • to surrender
  • follow my heart to the truth;
  • that each step of the way takes courage and self love;
  • that we are loved more than we could ever imagine;
  • that guidance is available – we only have to ask and trust;
  • that this is a journey of a lifetime;
  • and much more.

I  now live largely in freedom, though there is always work to be done. Each layer peeled away reveals another layer to be worked on.

I invite you to delve into the truth of who you are. 


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